Acer Aspire Tc-780 Desktop

21/11/2017 – 251 views

Brandnew Acer Aspire TC-780 Desktop
*22''FHD Acer LED Monitor
*Wireless Acer Keyboard
*Wireless Acer Mouse
*Usb Acer Speaker
*Duracell Battery
*Vga Cord
*DVI Cord
*VGA to DVI Adaptor
*Power Cords

*OS Windows10 Home 64bit
*CPU 7thgen Intel Corei3 processor 7100
*RAm 4GB DDR4 Memory
*HDD 1TB Hardrive
*Drive DVD Rewritable drive
*Video Card Nvidia Geforce GT720 2GB

*Reason for selling: Company Incentive.
See pictures for details.
*Search to google Or lazada acer aspire tc-780 for price comparison.

Text or Call: 09951669002(Globe)
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