Gaming PC complete package

10/11/2017 – 105 views

For Sale Gaming Rig w/ LED LG 32" TV Monitor(HDMI,usb and AC port).

LG LED TV monitor (HDMI,usb and AC port)
External Hard disk is accessible
Fast boot
TV rack included

Orig Price: 15K

Gaming Rig:
Corsair Case 250D mini itx
RAM ripjaw 8GB CL9 1600 w/ heatsink
Seagate 500GB Black
Fan Controller
Gigabyte z97n wifi ac mother board
PSU Corsair 600CM modular
Corsair Fans 3/120 included
Keyboard and mouse included
UPS Backup Battery included

Orig Price: 35K

Selling Price: 28,999.00

interested buyers please pm me.
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