Asphalt Supply and Services

11/11/2017 – 223 views


*Our Quality Services

Base Preparation, Site Development,Earth Moving, Asphalt Laying, Scrapping/Rottomilling , Driveways, Road Repair, Parking Areas, Construction of Humps, Restoration, Patching, Race tracks.

*Price is based per square meter
or metric tonn.
*Site Subject for Inspection.

*Our Quality Products

- Base Course
- Asphalt Cold Mix
- Asphalt Hot Mix
- (Asphalt Primer)SS-1
- Asphalt Sealant 60/70
- Asphalt 115/15 (20kg & 25kg per box)
- Asphalt Tack Coat MC -70
-Torch Membrane (plain,sanded,granulated)
and all related asphalt materials.
- Thermoplastic (white & yellow)
- Glassbeads
- Primer

For Inquiries please call 533x94x34 or 543x51x86.