Quality Signage Installation @ Low Cost

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Signage problem? Are you looking for a cheap signage installer?

We have the solution to your problem.

Below are the prices.

For more info please take a little time to view our website @ http://www.doublejgraphics.com/.


Flex / Panaflex Signage
₱ 330.00/ sq.ft.
₱ 380.00/ sq.ft.
Sticker Signage
₱ 550.00/sq. ft.
₱ 600.00/sq. ft.
Build-up Signage
Price Depends on actual Size
Price Depends on actual Size
Billboard Installation
Price Depends on actual Size
Price Depends on actual Size

*Note: For exact price quotation, please email us the following details.

                • Actual size/dimensions

                • Lighted or Non-lighted

                • Signage Type (Flex,Sticker,build-up, etc.)

                • Lay-out - Optional (for build-up & sticker signage only)


**Note: For Build-up Signage, price depends on actual size of the letter, actual count of letters and materials to be used. (Please contact us for more info and pricing)

We are happy to serve you any time that is convenient for you. Just make an appointment.

Also available for Build UP Sign (Acrylic, Stainless, G.I., Brass, etc.)

We also fabricate Cut out Sticker on Panaflex, install and repair signages from lighted to non-lighted, acrylic or metal box type signage’s here in Davao City.

*Installation outside Davao City will have an additional charge.

Warranty note:

1 yr. Warranty on Sticker against fading

1 month Warranty on Electrical / Lighting (florescent/LED)





Other products and Services

Lay-outing(birthdays,debuts,events& etc.)

Website Designing (Wordpress Format)

LTOPF Processing – http://www.doublejgraphics.com/ltopf-processing/

Billboard installation/printing

Tarpaulin Printing

Calling Cards

Key Chain

Customized Mug

Video Editing

Audio Editing

PVC id’s

Company id’s

School id’s

Laser Printing

Button Pins



Sticker & Sentra


Offset Printing

T-shirt printing


Price List

Lay-out charge                  ----------------------------------- Php. 150.00 (negotiable depending on lay-out)

Tarpaulin Printing             ----------------------------------- Php. 15.00/sq.ft. (Negotiable depending on bulk order)

Calling Cards                       ----------------------------------- Php. 250.00 per 100pcs (ordinary)

Calling Cards                       ----------------------------------- Php. 300.00 per 100pcs (glossy photo paper)

Customized Mug              ----------------------------------- Php. 150.00 free lay-out(class A mug)

Customized Mug              ----------------------------------- Php. 230.00 free lay-out(magic mug)

Laser Printing                     ----------------------------------- Php. 80.00 (poster size 12x18 inches)

Button/Bar Pins                                ----------------------------------- Php. 25.00/each (size 58mm, negotiable for bulk order)

Video Edit/AVP making ----------------------------------- Php. 350.00 (3-10 mins. note: Price will increase as the mins. increases)


Audio Editing                     ----------------------------------- Php. 250.00 (3-10 mins. note: Price will increase as the mins. increases)


PVC ID                                  ----------------------------------- Php. 150.00 each/ free lay-out (negotiable if bulk orders)

                                                                                                                Php. 100.00 each if you have lay out


                                                                                                                SHORT                  LONG                    Matrls.

RISO                                      ----------------------------------- Php.250.00/ream 300.00/ream      sub. 20

COLORED RISO(blue,red)--------------------------------- Php.380.00/ream  450.00/ream      sub. 20 

*Note: For more info about the pricing/quotation/discounts please contact us using the information below.


*All prices subjected to change without prior notice.










For inquiries and quotation you can contact us thru:

Sun        : 0942-994-3256

TM         : 0905-787-2001

Smart    : 0946-989-6959

Email add.:                          doublejgraphic@gmail.com

Website:                              http://www.doublejgraphics.com

Facebook Page:                                https://www.facebook.com/DoubleJgraphics

Quality Signage Installation @ Low Cost Quality Signage Installation @ Low Cost signage problem are you looking for a cheap signage installer we have the solution to your problem below are the prices for more info please take a little t 8 10 star based on 633 reviews 300 BUY NOW!