Diskless Setup OBM or CCBOOT

27/10/2017 – 132 views

Diskless Setup OBM / CCBOOT

400 per Client
1K Server
Same specs with discount

Computer shop or Pisonet

Cafe Timer
Game Launcher
Online Games and LAN Games

4600 Mikrotik with single isp config
1500 PFsense single isp config
Mikrotik or PfSense for Bandwidth Management
(no lag, kahit marami nagyou-youtube, etc.)

One Time Patching of Games
Less Heat
Less Electricity Bill
Virus Free
Less Maintainnance

We also accept computer repair and CCTV installation
450 repair
500 CCTV installation (per camera)

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Diskless Setup OBM or CCBOOT Diskless Setup OBM or CCBOOT diskless setup obm ccboot 400 per client 1k server same specs with discount computer shop or pisonet includes cafe timer game launcher online games and lan 7 10 star based on 132 reviews 400 BUY NOW!