MEGA BLOKS Minions Silly TV (ZQ9P)

8/11/2017 – 107 views

Product description:
When the Minions’ retro TV goes haywire, fixing it is bound to stir up trouble! Build the Silly TV by Mega Bloks Minions and set your buildable Minion Stuart on top to break through the bad reception! Use an umbrella and spatula as an antenna to find a good signal. Try to eep Stuart from falling off as he balances on the swiveling platform, turning this TV repair job into a silly stunt! Ideal for ages 5 and up.

Product packaging:
Buildable retro TV set with swiveling platform on top.
Buildable Minion Stuart character with interchangeable parts, including overalls, goggles, arms and feet.
Umbrella and spatula accessories.
MEGA BLOKS Minions Silly TV (ZQ9P) MEGA BLOKS Minions Silly TV (ZQ9P) product description when the minions retro tv goes haywire fixing it is bound to stir up trouble build the silly tv by mega bloks minions and set your build 7 10 star based on 107 reviews 700 BUY NOW!