Room or Bedspace For Rent in Munoz QC

26/11/2017 – 792 views

1) Rooms or Bedspace for rent with individual bathrooms.
a. 3 bedrooms good for 3-4 persons (Max).
b. 2 bedrooms good for 5-6 person (Max).
c. 1 bedroom good for 8 persons. (Max).
2) Beds with new mattresses.
3) Electric Fans, Air condition. ( Optional)
4) Individual Lockers
5) Individual Bathrooms per room
6) Lounge area with TV.
7) CCTV and free Wi Fi.
8) Rooms with own electric sub meters.
9) Inclusive of water.
10)A minute walk to WalterMart, Munoz Market, LRT Roosevelt Station, EDSA, Del Monte Avenue Congressional Avenue, Near VXI Call Center
#7 Road A, Brgy Veterans Village, QC
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